April 23, 2014 8:07 AM EDT

Amnesty: Qatar fails to protect domestic workers
Analysis: Putin likely to ignore West on Ukraine
Senegal prohibits rally to welcome back ex-leader
US sifting through rubble on ground in Yemen after drone strikes, source says
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South Korean ferry disaster
Ghosts in the sun: Hitler’s personal photographer at Dachau, 1950
Unearthing history beneath St. Peter's Basilica
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UN Security Council meets to discuss North Korea
UN tribunal slams convicted procurement fraudster for trying to claim benefits
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Afghan official cautions on possible fraud in presidential vote
Afghans defy threat of violence to vote for new leader
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Ghanaian company says it used plane registered to US bank seen in Iran
American Pastor Saeed Abedini imprisoned in Iran pens Easter message
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Explosion, clashes kill 15 soldiers in Iraq
Suicide bomber uses Iraq police Humvee in attack
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Attack on Israeli Army post by right-wing Jewish settlers brings fear of a new threat
Jihadist threat against sacred Turkish tomb threatens to widen Syria's war
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Hope fades for Venezuela crisis talks
Is Venezuela the next Ukraine?
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Loose leopard fleeing rooftop in India bites man
Death toll in South Korea ferry disaster hits 61
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Ukraine orders new 'anti-terror' operation
Ukraine orders 'anti-terror' operation to resume
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Ukraine orders 'anti-terror' operation to resume
Can Ukraine assert control over its eastern regions?
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